EHR Month Fall 2018

What does it mean to Embrace Hunger Relief? More and more in the specialty food community have joined the movement and you can too!

For the 4th time, we are pitting the East against the West in another epic Embrace Hunger Relief Showdown to see which SFA Members can volunteer the most hours, donate the most food or money during September’s Embrace Hunger Relief Month!

You’ve got the entire month of September to make a difference and share it with the specialty food community –so plan ahead and try to schedule your volunteer work or usual donations to fall in the month of September. Together, the Specialty Food community can make a huge impact.

  • Give Time (Your charity of choice!):
    • Volunteer together at your local food bank – try it as a staff bonding experience. Don’t know where to volunteer? Check out Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator or contact us for assistance.
    • Volunteer solo: deliver meals, join a gleaning group or serve food to the hungry
  • Give Product: Drop off product at your local food bank or organize an office food drive to involve employees
    • Specialty Food Foundation will not collect product donations but is happy to help connect you with a charity in your area.
    • Don’t forget that this option might come with tax advantages for your company. Make sure to consult your tax adviser for further information.
  • Give Money: Donate to your favorite hunger relief charity and let us know!

Shout Out!
Here’s how you can be recognized for your philanthropy: indicate on social media how many hours volunteered, lbs. donated or $$ donated so we can keep a running tally as the month progresses.

Use #EmbraceHungerRelief so we can keep the tally up to date for East vs. West! (Don’t forget to follow/favorite us while you are there!)

Questions? Contact Erika Sipos at